NFL Draft: If Justin Fields Beats Saban’s Crimson Tide Does It Open a Debate For The Top Pick?

Justin Fields made a statement against Dabo’s giant mouth and Trevor Lawrence’s big arm in the Semi-Final game. Now he faces the toughest test in his young career. Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide are no joke and will be his final competition prior to the NFL draft. What better team to prove you belong number 1 than against Alabama in the National Title game? Against Clemson he showed toughness, leadership, athleticism, and he showed that he has an NFL arm.

Since Lawrence stepped foot on campus he was projected to be the top pick. But is he? Justin Fields is a force to be reckoned with and he has a big arm to go with his athleticism. Justin Fields controlled the game from start to finish. His toughness was showcased when he got drilled by James Skalski. We’re not giving Skalski any credit because it was a dirty hit and he was disqualified for targeting on the play. At times Fields could hardly walk and he was noticeably grimacing on nearly every throw. Those are two elements of a QB that can’t be taught. However, for right now, Lawrence is probably slotted to go first. He’s athletic, big (6’6), huge arm, accurate, and can make all the NFL throws. I’d still take Fields because of what he brings to a locker room.

Taking it back to High School football Fields has lived in Trevor Lawrence’s shadow. Lawrence and fields were ranked 1 and 2 in the 2018 recruiting class. That competitive rivalry carried into College. Fields committed to GA and ended up transferring to Ohio State after his Freshman season. After last season’s disappointing finish against Lawrence and Dabo Leaving a very ‘sour’ taste in OH fans, but mostly Justin Fields. To say Ohio State and Justin Fields had a ‘chip on their shoulder’ is an understatement. They wanted to destroy Dabo Sweeney’s season in dominating fashion after the Clemson coach’s comments prior to the game. He ranked the Buckeyes #11. Now Dabo has all the time in the world to run his mouth from the comfort of his own home, watching from the couch. For Ohio State the focus rests on Saban and the Tide.

Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

A dominating win would at least have to raise some questions about Lawrence over Fields right? If you listen to Fields post-game interview he repeatedly says, “I love my brothers. I love playing with my brothers.” This should tell you the NFL draft is the furthest thing from his mind right now. It’s all about O-H-I-O and enjoying the Journey.

2 thoughts on “NFL Draft: If Justin Fields Beats Saban’s Crimson Tide Does It Open a Debate For The Top Pick?

  1. “Now Dabo has all the time in the world to run his mouth from the comfort of his own home…” Love it!! I hope the Buckeyes come out victorious tomorrow. Then Dabo will really have to eat crow.

    More importantly, Fields is a talented player with a real team mentality. I hope he shines tomorrow.


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